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Learning & Case Studies

Who we’ve Sqaled and how we helped them.

Case Studies
Check out below a handful of case studies highlighting how we helped them Sqale with perfect-fit loans for their small business.
Learning Centre
Tips, tricks and things we have learned so you have the ability to Sqale your business and achieve continued success.

Learning & Case Studies

Who we’ve Sqaled and how we helped them.

Case Studies

  • Real Estate Group

    This client is a successful real estate group of businesses that buy, sells, manages residential and commercial properties throughout Victoria.
  • Office Supplies a…

    This client has been established for 8 years providing office supplies and IT products to the commercial and retail sector in New South Wales. The client was seeking cashflow to purchase more stock.
  • Hairdressing Salon

    This client operates 6 hairdressing salon in Queensland for over 10 years. She has been very smart in acquiring competitors during the pandemic and getting a real bargain for strategic locations. …
  • Plumbing Services

    This business provides plumbing services in Victoria with an annual revenue of $1 Million. Due to the impact on the construction industry, some of their receivables from clients have been delayed.
  • Real Estate Agency

    This client based in Victoria operates a real estate agency that sells and manage properties. They manage thousands of properties with a rent roll over $6 Million. The client wanted to refinance h…
  • Commercial Waterp…

    This client was established in 2020 to provide waterproofing services in the construction industry. As a growing small business they needed constant cashflow to support their growth.
  • Radiologist

    This client is expanding FAST! He opened two sites in Victoria within 6 months and another new site needed finance for equipment and fitout.
  • Dental Practice

    This client owns and manage 5 dental practices across NSW. He was looking for a bridging loan to settle on a commercial property which will be used as the next premise for another dental practice….
  • Solar Panel Suppl…

    This client is a solar company that is a member of the Clean Energy Council supplying and installing solar systems for over 10 years in Victoria.
  • Take Away Outlet

    This husband and wife team have been operating in northern NSW for more than 8 years and recently started to expand their business by purchasing a second franchise.

    Learning Centre

    • Unlocking Financi…

      3 Minute Read
      Securing a loan or mortgage is a significant financial decision that can have a profound impact on one’s life. While the traditional approach involves going directly to a lender, an increasing…
    • Insights into the…

      3 minute read
      Packaging a deal well for credit submission can make a huge difference to its approval success! And what we do as commercial brokers is often more than meets the eye. When this deal was referre…
    • Cut your losses a…

      3 Minute Read
      It is natural to experience good and bad things when operating a business. It can be business partners, suppliers, clients or simply results from bad business decisions. If you believe in your …
    • Australian busine…

      3 Minute Read
      Research by a fintech lender, Ondeck Australia found that nine out of ten small to medium sized businesses would contact their broker to arrange commercial finance.
    • Should I avoid a …

      Dangers of comparison sites for business loans
      Comparison sites perform poorly and deliver minimal results. While most sites indicate they will match you to the right lenders, all they are doing is matching you to a range of lender basic produ…
    • What is the rate …

      3 Minute Read
      Each fintech lender has their own way of assessing risk. Their approach is called “Risk for Rate”. It has been said that some lenders have over 300 data points when assessing an application. Most …
    • Biggest mistake m…

      2 Minute Read
      There are many businesses that will apply for a loan at the last minute when their cashflow has run dry. This could be a matter of pride and hope they could steer through tough times on their own …
    • Big Banks Vs Fint…

      5 Minute Read
      One of the main reasons why Fintech (Financial Technology) lenders are winning the hearts ofbusiness owners is their ability to offer a service that is quick, easy and without security. Traditi…
    • What is an unsecu…

      3 Minute Read
      A loan without the need of security such as a property is considered unsecured. This means thereare no caveat, or a charge listed on the personal property register (PPSR) against your property for…
      • "Dedicated"


        I was really impressed by Yuan's dedication and professionalism. One thing makes him standing out from others is he genuinely trying to help you, not only a one-way or once off sales push.

      • "Trustworthy"


        Yuan is a trustworthy professional who takes the time to nurture relationships and who takes his service seriously. He has strong expertise in his field and I look forward to doing more more business together.

      • "Pro-active"


        In my dealings with Yuan I always found him to be pro-active with his dealings for our clients and his ability to help find solutions was second to none.

      • "Reliable"


        Yuan has been a reliable source of information in the SME business lending space. He has always been very good at communicating, whether it’s discussing additional requirements, new product offerings or alternative solutions for a number of my clients. Highly recommended

      • "Memorable"


        Yuan is memorable and worthwhile. I love working with Yuan as I feel a genuine passion, energy and desire for connection. Looking forward to each and every interaction with Yuan for a long time ahead!

      • "Fantastic"


        Yuan is fantastic to deal with and always has time for his clients. Nothing is ever too much and he will always make you feel appreciated.

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