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Why choose Sqale Finance to help you grow your business?

If the customer love sqale was from 1 to 10, we’re a 10!
Most business owners have a short term need without a complete understanding of the long-term impact of a loan. We help business owners obtain options based on their needs and empower them to make an informed decision that is strategic to their growth.
  • Take the time to understand your business
  • Obtain suitable loan options
  • Strategic discussions on pros and cons
  • Empower you to make an informed decision
  • Obligation and fee free service

Why choose Sqale Finance to help you grow your business?

Get reviewed for a 95% chance of approval success within hours.*

*Our reviews are conducted internally without a credit check. This does not guarantee a full approval by a lender. All final approvals are subject to a formal application and assessment by our panel of lenders.

Free Loan Check

To find out if you qualify for a loan then contact Sqale for an obligation free, no cost assessment. This will not affect your credit rating. Please read our Privacy Policy.

    versus Lender versus Comparison Sites. What’s the difference?

    A lender will only give option/s limited to their range of products. The disadvantage here is you don’t have a way to compare and determine if it is the best loan offer for you.

    Comparison Sites

    A comparison site only provides you a high-level suggestion of what may be available/ suitable for you based on lenders product sheet. This does not mean you are likely to be approved. The disadvantage here is you won’t know if the final loan approval is a suitable product for your need.

    The Sqale way
    • To serve others the way we wish to be served by them. Our approach is transparent, sincere and genuine towards our client’s long-term success.

    • While commercial lending is unregulated in Australia, it is our principle to approach each client with “Best Interest Duty” in mind.

    Our Mission
    • Constistantly empower business owners to confidently obtain loan options that are a perfect fit.
    • Help businesses make informed decisions in financing their growth with Sqale as their finance partner for life.

    Why avoid applying directly with lenders?

    Most businesses have a short time frame to get funding. Going it alone can have a major (negative) impact on your credit profile if you don’t know what a lender is looking for and how to get a loan approved.
    Applying with each lender can be time consuming if you don’t know what a lender needs for an approval from the start resulting in more applications with more lenders.
    Where Sqale comes in…
    Not only do we know how to present your business and financial position to a lender for fast decisioning;
    • We know what products are suitable for your business and we’re up-to-date on what products which lender has to make an offer to you
    • We’re experts at navigating lender policies to expedite options and ensure a successful outcome
    • Our transparency and informative communication with you on loan options presented enables you to make an informed decision

    The Sqale Advantage

    Flexibility to choose an option that works for your business.
    The advantage with Sqale is you have the flexibility to review options and be informed about the product features so you can make a decision on the most suitable loan for your needs.

    Who’s been Sqaled?

    At Sqale we are proud to help all businesses big and small achieve their financial goals! Take a look at some of our case studies to see the results!


    Loans Approved


    Businesses Funded


    Approval Rate

    • Holiday Park


      This client that owns several businesses including a petrol station and a holiday park wanted to renovate several cabins leading up to the holiday season. Established shy of 2 years he had difficulty getting access to a loan size he needed with his bank. Putting the family home at risk was not an option so he wanted alternate options.

    • Real Estate Group


      This client is a successful real estate group of businesses that buy, sells, manages residential and commercial properties throughout Victoria.

    • Thai Restaurant


      This client had a dream to spread the love of delicious pad thai’s and massaman curries amongst other gastronomical experiences. Like most entrepreneurs, usually there just isn’t sufficient spare cash to realise this goal. Especially when you have already taken loans to secure the site and just shy of the desired amount to get the fitout completed, its paramount to get this goal across the line.

    • Labour Hire Vineyard and Fruit Farms


      It is so much more satisfying when we deliver for a client where multiple lenders could not assist. This labour hire business has been operating for over 3 years and averaging over $470K per month.