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Take Away Outlet

This husband and wife team have been operating in northern NSW for more than 8 years and recently started to expand their business by purchasing a second franchise.

They initially came to borrow $75,000 for fitouts of the new premise and they qualified for loan options up to $150,000.

After further discussion with us at Sqale, they really loved the idea of a combination of an overdraft and a term loan. They liked the flexibility it gave their business to draw down what they needed and paying interest only on what they used.

Since they only needed cashflow buffer at this stage and they also had pre-approval for a loan up to $150K which they can obtain within 24 hours, they decided to settle on a $30K overdraft first.

This is a great case of Sqale assisting a business owner to make an informed and strategic decision in leveraging debt wisely to grow their business.

  • $30,000
  • 5 Year Facility
  • Unsecured
  • 1 Day Turnaround
  • New South Wales

  • "Dedicated"


    I was really impressed by Yuan's dedication and professionalism. One thing makes him standing out from others is he genuinely trying to help you, not only a one-way or once off sales push.

  • "Trustworthy"


    Yuan is a trustworthy professional who takes the time to nurture relationships and who takes his service seriously. He has strong expertise in his field and I look forward to doing more more business together.

  • "Pro-active"


    In my dealings with Yuan I always found him to be pro-active with his dealings for our clients and his ability to help find solutions was second to none.

  • "Reliable"


    Yuan has been a reliable source of information in the SME business lending space. He has always been very good at communicating, whether it’s discussing additional requirements, new product offerings or alternative solutions for a number of my clients. Highly recommended

  • "Memorable"


    Yuan is memorable and worthwhile. I love working with Yuan as I feel a genuine passion, energy and desire for connection. Looking forward to each and every interaction with Yuan for a long time ahead!

  • "Fantastic"


    Yuan is fantastic to deal with and always has time for his clients. Nothing is ever too much and he will always make you feel appreciated.

Get reviewed for a 95% chance of approval success within hours.*

*Our reviews are conducted internally without a credit check. This does not guarantee a full approval by a lender. All final approvals are subject to a formal application and assessment by our panel of lenders.

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