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Real Estate Agency

This client based in Victoria operates a real estate agency that sells and manage properties. They manage thousands of properties with a rent roll over $6 Million. The client wanted to refinance his existing cashflow loan over a longer term to reduce the impact his repayments had on his cashflow. He was seeking $100,000.

We obtained $150,000 overdraft facility which enabled him to refinance his 12 month term loan to a product that ammortised over 4 years. This gave him cashflow relief by reducing his repayments by more than 50%. Having access to the additional funds, he can now fund marketing activities to grow his business.

  • $150,000
  • Overdraft 5 Year facility
  • Unsecured
  • 2 Day Turnaround
  • Victoria
  • "Dedicated"


    I was really impressed by Yuan's dedication and professionalism. One thing makes him standing out from others is he genuinely trying to help you, not only a one-way or once off sales push.

  • "Trustworthy"


    Yuan is a trustworthy professional who takes the time to nurture relationships and who takes his service seriously. He has strong expertise in his field and I look forward to doing more more business together.

  • "Pro-active"


    In my dealings with Yuan I always found him to be pro-active with his dealings for our clients and his ability to help find solutions was second to none.

  • "Reliable"


    Yuan has been a reliable source of information in the SME business lending space. He has always been very good at communicating, whether it’s discussing additional requirements, new product offerings or alternative solutions for a number of my clients. Highly recommended

  • "Memorable"


    Yuan is memorable and worthwhile. I love working with Yuan as I feel a genuine passion, energy and desire for connection. Looking forward to each and every interaction with Yuan for a long time ahead!

  • "Fantastic"


    Yuan is fantastic to deal with and always has time for his clients. Nothing is ever too much and he will always make you feel appreciated.

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